Green flags to lookout for when you're doing a job interview

There are numerous ways to find out whether the company you’ll be working for you is a positive environment or not. Photo: RF Studio

There are numerous ways to find out whether the company you’ll be working for you is a positive environment or not. Photo: RF Studio

Published Feb 27, 2024


Red flags in the workplace tell you when things are going really wrong. Green flags, on the other hand, show you that you are working in a stable, supportive, and affirming environment.

When you’re doing a job interview, it would be great to get a glimpse into what kind of company you might work for.

Surprisingly, there are some telling signs that give away an organisation’s values that you can gauge from the interviewer.

Here are some green flags to be on the lookout for:

Diverse leadership

A company’s leadership structure should reflect the diversity of South Africa’s multi-cultural people and heritage. This means there should be a distribution of race, gender, and religion among its senior staff.

An organisation with this type of structure champions equality, and you will be heard if you encounter any sort of discrimination. You can get a look at a business's leadership profile on the company’s website.

Flexible work schedule

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, most large corporations adopted a hybrid work schedule whereby employees work both from home and the office.

Understandably, not every company can afford to do this, but those who can and implement this schedule show an openness to evolving with the times and catering to their workers’ needs.

According to Fuse Recruitment, you can easily spot whether a company prioritises work-life balance during interviews if the interviewer mentions that they offer working from home or a flexible schedule.

Transparent requirements and salary

A clear job description that includes reasonable qualifications and specifies the duties of the position, demonstrates that the company is aware of its hiring needs and is honest about them.

The position is clearly described without any ambivalence, and the offered salary is stated in plain terms and at a rate that is consistent with the market.

Low employee turnover rate

An employee turnover rate is the measurement of the number of employees who leave an organisation during a specified time period.

If a company is great to work for, then obviously its employees would not be in a hurry to leave. You can see this by checking how much the business has advertised new positions in the past online.

Smooth recruitment process and interview

A company that cares about its prospective employees will ensure that the recruitment process is simple and smooth.

While you want to make sure that you will get along with your new co-workers when choosing a new job, meeting them is the only real way to learn this.

As a result, the interview is the ideal time to determine whether or not the personalities are a suitable fit for you.

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